Watch Viral Video Of A woman Undergoing Breasts Enlargement

Barely 72 hours after the new skin bleaching procedure went viral another weird video has surfaced online showing the new procedure of instant Bosom enlargement.

In a video that was shared by a Twitter user with the handle @ SirSmithM, it shows where a lady was laying on a bed with transparent tubes placed on here Breasts, while someone supposedly the ‘unconventional surgeon’ pumped the tube forcing air into the patient’s Breasts and surprisingly they got bigger.

We all know the force ripple effect air has when pumped into an enclosed body whether rubber or plastic it always leads to a rise in mass/ size, so too we see with the lady’s Breasts.

Wonders shall never seize to end, I wonder what next is coming our way.

@ SirSmithM tweeted as he shared the video,

And this is what some women actually pass through just to look good for men?

I’ve never seen any creature created by God that takes more risks than women!!

Watch the shocking video below.


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