Twitter Reacts To Sextape Of 2 Babcock University Students Released By Their Friends

Twitter is burning guys! The caliber of people on that page is something else! Apparently two Babcock university students were caught off-guard having a “good time” on camera and unfortunately for them, with the level of itchy fingers around and many people eager to do something for attention.

TalkGlitz NG reports that the video has now ended up somewhere on twitter and the reactions have been ridiculous. The situation is even direr considering that Babcock university is a missionary school and people start to wonder, how did we get here? since when did a private, Christian school turn into this?  Of course, the full video is on twitter for those who are interested.

The video. according to multiple tweets was leaked by the guy in the act, who is also a student of the Private University located in Ogun State.

His friends had dared him to release the video and to prove his manliness, the released the sex tape.





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