#SexForGrades: Hugging Between Lecturers & Female Students Is Prohibited – UNIPORT V.C Says

University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) has banned hugging between lecturers and female students Pulse NG reports.

The institution launched its policy against sexual harassment where amorous hugging between lecturers and female students is now an offense with those found guilty punished severely.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Ndowa E. S. Lale at the launch of the policy ceremony, which held at Ebitime Banigo hall said the University decided to raise the bar on sexual harassment to ensure that the young men and women put in the charge of lecturers are protected, especially from antics of sexual predators who use their privileged positions to blackmail or railroad their unwilling students or subordinate staff into granting them sexual favours.

He said the management of the University in the policy document defined the rules of engagement in terms of the acceptable of engagement between lecturers, administrators, and students, including visitors to the university.

“The document unambiguously defines what constitutes sexual harassment and the sanctions to be taken against those who wittingly and unwittingly infringe on its provisions in the line of duty.

“Henceforth, lecturers and administrators who do not remember to sew zippers in front of their trousers should be ready to bear the consequences of their amorous liaison with female students.

“Also, students who harass lecturers to award them undeserved grades should equally be ready to face the music if and when they are caught in the act of self-advertisement to their lecturers.

“Similarly, any randy Juliet (female student) who blackmails vulnerable male students or colleagues, and any visitor who believes that UNIPORT is hunting ground for cheap sex would be prosecuted,” he warned.

Lale said that any person accused of sexual misconduct would be presumed guilty until such allegation was proved otherwise, under the established rules of fair hearing.

Prof. Nwadiuto Akani of the Department of Paediatrics, UNIPORT, said that sexual misconduct started with a lecturer or student addressing themselves by names, such as baby, honey and darling.

She said that gestures, such as hugging; blowing kissing sound, touching of the body and sending unsolicited messages, constituted sexual harassment.


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  1. I find the ingenuity of the University policy makers unequalled on this matter. For they did not only prohibit sex for grades, but criminalised all acts that could lead to sexual escapade, like hugging, blowing kisses, touching, etc.

    The measure is a surgical operation that will remove the cause of the lecturer/student sexual promiscuity, ravaging and corroding the moral character of our higher institutions of learning. Rather than just treating the symptom after the act was committed.

    This proactive measure is commendable. If followed to the latter, will block all inroads to the malaise. Other institutions will do well to take a cue from the University of Port Harcourt. The pace has been set. An antidote is found. The cure is in sight.

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