FCT Secretary, Hajiya Safiya Under Fire Over Harassment Of Ladies In Abuja Nightclubs

Nigerians on social media are criticizing the Acting Secretary of the FCT Social Development Secretariat, Hajiya Safiya Umar, over the alleged indiscriminate arrest of ladies and raids on several nightclubs in Abuja 1st News NG reports.

It will be recalled that in April 2019, no fewer than 70 ladies were arrested at different nightclubs in Abuja on allegations they were sex workers.

The arrest of the ladies sparked uproar on social media when they claimed they were raped, sexually harassed and extorted by security operatives.

Months later, a new report titled “The Untold Story of the AEPB, Abuja’s Uniformed Female Harassment Unit” which detailed the ordeal of the ladies arrested and how the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) has been culpable in the alleged extortion and harassment of young women in Abuja metropolis.

In the past few months, there have been several reports of indiscriminate arrest and harassment of ladies in the capital city over alleged acts that do not conform with the city laws.

A Twitter user alleged a few months ago that Abuja police especially stop and search female passengers in taxis, which forced many to start sitting at the front posing as taxi drivers’ wife because that is the only way to escape being harassed by law enforcement agencies.

Hundeyin’s report has indicted Umar as being the mastermind of the series of harassment ladies now experience in Abuja.

“Under her instruction, hundreds of women including nursing mothers were raped, assaulted, kidnapped and unlawfully detained in filthy conditions,”

the report said.

The report on the activities of Safiya, and a viral video in which she is seen vehemently condemning ‘indecent dressing’, sparked uproar on Twitter on Thursday as some Nigerians criticize her over claims that she wants to turn Abuja into a Sharia city.

William Ukpe wrote:

There are lots of factors that need to be set straight with #abujaraid. Separation of region & state should be a priority. The only reason for arresting those girls was down to Sharia & if you heard Safiya’s words and don’t see it you’re an idiot.

Kiki Mordi of BBC Africa who exposed some university lecturers involved in sexual harassment in her undercover report “Sex for Grades” has also lent her voice to the campaign.

See video and tweets below;

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