Nicki Minaj Flaunts Her ENORMOUS $1.1M Wedding Ring As Herself And Her Husband Channel Chucky Dolls For Halloween

It was an icy display on Nicki Minaj‘s social media feeds on Wednesday, and that’s ice of the bling variety.

Newly married Minaj, 36, was seen in a gallery of images and video on her Instagram with husband Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty, dressed in costumes for Halloween inspired by murderous dolls Chucky and Bride of Chucky Daily Mail reports.

Prominent in all the couple’s images were their chunky new diamond rings in honor of their recent rushed nuptials, which the Chun-Li star tagged as having been designed by Rafaello And Co.


According to TMZ, Minaj’s new husband, 41, was involved in every step of the design and making of her giant, square-cut jewel, which took several months.

Jewelers at Rafaello said that Petty, who is a registered sex offender due to a previous rape charge involving an underage girl, oversaw the design of the wedding band as well as the finished piece’s delivery, handing over what is estimated to be $1.1 million — the ring’s value.

The jewelry company described Nicki’s bling as a custom-made piece featuring a 17-carat center with VVS2-clarity diamonds.


Rafaello and Co. posted well wishes to the couple on Wednesday as well, parading the massive bling on their own Instagram account.

In a selfie video posted Wednesday morning, Minaj is seen cuddled up with Petty, and it’s clear she wants both their rings to be front and center in the clip.

In terms of Kenneth’s band, which is also thick with encrusted jewels, TMZ reports it’s customized with the words ‘Ken & Barbie’ on the inside of the ring.


Nicki’s apparently doesn’t have an inscription, because there was no room for one.

The jeweler from Rafaello reportedly flew from New York to Los Angeles a few days before Nicki’s rushed wedding last Monday to deliver the rings, which came in a customized jewelry box with a screen on the inside of the lid that plays a slideshow of the couple to the tune of Nicki’s song Come See About Me.

In the Halloween-themed snaps, Nicki dons a wedding gown and cropped black leather motorcycle jacket, with wavy blond hair in the style of the Jennifer Tilly character Tiffany from the cult hit 1998 film, Bride Of Chucky.


Petty is dressed in denim overalls and a striped shirt, in a Chucky costume directly inspired by the possessed doll from the popular Child’s Play films.

In one of the images, Kenneth kneels in front of Nicki, extending a severed finger with the over-a-million-dollar piece of jewelry on it.

In the video, Nicki mentions that she herself ‘didn’t buy this ring’ and congratulates Kenneth, saying ‘you married a multi-millionaire’.

She also goes on to say that in marrying Petty, who’s American, the Trinidad and Tobago-born rapper can now ‘fill out paperwork to vote in the United States of America of Donald Trump.’


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