Hushpuppi Now Identifies as a Real Estate Developer After Mompha’s Arrest

One of Nigeria sung heroes, Hushpuppi online is currently scampering his dear life and holding on to his last few precious moments as the law enforcement officers close in on him.

According to Gistmania, Hushpuppi was considered a legend and hero to many Nigerians, he is a reference point of prayer in many Nigerian churches, a model to several Nigerian youths and general point of contact to many top Nigerian artists who sing of his name endlessly in all their hit songs.

Several people know of Hushpuppi when he mysteriously relocated from Malaysia to Dubai 4 years ago and started flaunting his “glorious” rags-to-riches story, always posting epistles of how he “hustled” his way out of a poor neighborhood in Nigeria to become the big shot that he is now in Dubai.


One of his best friends, Mompha was arrested on suspicion of fraud during one of his visits to Nigeria and that must have gotten the “Billionaire Gucci Master” worried that he might have been roped into the entire case since he also operates in similar “money” industry as Mompha.

Guess what? Hushpuppi now prefers to be identified as a “real estate developer” whereas he did consider himself the “billionaire Gucci master”, we do not know if that is just a coincidence or if Hushpuppi now feels the need to make his “source of income” known to the public. In any case, time will tell, we shall see how this story will end.


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