“I Hope Dangote Sees The Video and Marries Me”- Symbas Erothick Reacts As Her Sex Video Is Leaked

Do you know that American models are being imported to dance for rich men in Nigeria? Yea, though, most of them have undergone numerous plastic surgeries and are looking like a carved stone but apparently, that is what old rich Nigerian men love.

At the top of the model dancing business in Nigeria is the American model that goes by the name Symba The Erothick, she is very popular on the social circle in Lagos, as most rich men queue up to have a feeling of her surgically carved curves and body.

According to Nairaland Forum, This lady is into all sort of things, just put, she is a hustler that can do anything for money. She has always made her crush for Aliko Dangote known and has allegedly been seen in public with the vice president of the country! Pastor Osinbajo, so when it comes to navigating the edges and corners of power in a poor developing country like Nigeria where the leaders have enslaved the masses, then Symba knows just how to grab the men by their balls.


She is also a cam girl and an adult actress, and Apparently, one of her “fans” recently leaked one of her private videos (she sells them directly to fans for $20 upwards) to an online site. The furious madame took to her IG page to address this and said she wished the video could make its way to Aliko Dangote so that he can marry her, here is how she put it:



I’ve got word the video is floating around #Lagos #nigeria! Hopefully @aliko_dangotegcon gets a glimpse of it and decides to be my husband not for #Halloween but forever. I love him I can’t help it. #onlyfans #linkinmybio #webothgottagetthecoin


I hope Nigeria heals this sort of disrespect!

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