Estadio Jose Alvalade Stadium To Be Named After Cristiano Ronaldo

According to news reports from Marca, and TheSun, Cristiano Ronaldo could be set to have a stadium named after him, as Sporting Lisbon considered rebranding Estadio Jose Alvalade.

The club’s home venue is currently named after the founder, Jose Alvalade, and has been known as such since 1956.
However, current president Frederico Varandas is considering a change.

Ronaldo joined the club in 1997 as a 12-year-old and worked his way up to their first-team, from where he signed for Manchester United.

While his senior career didn’t last long at Sporting, Ronaldo has left a lasting legacy at the club, with Varandas confirming they are considering renaming Estadio Jose Alvalade after him.
“It is an idea that we do not put aside and one of which we would obviously be very proud of.

“Cristiano is – and always will be – one of the greatest symbols of our club’s history. We are proud to be associated with Cristiano Ronaldo and that the name of the best footballer in the world is combined with Sporting.

“As far as our young people are concerned, we are trying to keep his example inside the academy,” Varandas told Tuttosport.

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  1. Congratulations to Cristiano Ronald, aka CR7. The young man keeps breaking new grounds everyday, in his chosen career of football. To have the stadium where one cut his teeth in football named after him, is so great an achievement.

    Ronaldo is one of the few footballers whose career is laced with success tales. He’s a footballer in his own class. A legend in the making. A dogged and committed player. But unlike most, fortunate he is to shake hand with luck at every turn of his career.

    Inspite of the above, I do not subscribe to the idea of casting Jose into oblivion. I do not feel the legacy of one is superior to the other. The heroism of Jose Alvalade should not be erased by that of Ronaldo. Otherwise, sooner or later, that of CR7 will be wiped away for some other hero by the same logic.

    Mohammad Saleh

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