Alleged Rape: Nigerian Ladies Admit to Lying After Being Dragged to Court By The Accused (VID)

Before now, it was my words against theirs but now I’ve got @cynnerr apologizing privately (3rd tweet) & @_Eggovin admitting the fact that they both lied
The justice system has failed to deliver justice to countless women who have truly been sexually victimized and so a court case alone wouldn’t be enough to prove my innocence.
I reached out to Cynthia, in an attempt to reason with her and convince her to publicly state the truth of the situation, in her words she said “it was a misunderstanding” & she agreed to tweet publicly, but what she did instead was to block my number after we met NairaLand Forum reports.

She had mentioned that she was ready to go to court and that’s exactly what I did. After they received their court summons, Tega, a friend of Cynthia reached out to ask for a settlement out of court, she picked a time & place for a meeting and I agreed to show up.
Both Anita and Cynthia were present at the meeting, Tega came with them too. I asked Anita to her face if we had sex or not, Cynthia had implied in her tweet that we didn’t have sex, Anita had nothing to say, knowing she had lied to her friends

My only condition for out of court settlement is they come out with the truth. But they weren’t forthcoming.
I’m not asking for favors. All I want is you guys @cynnerr & @_Eggovin to tell the truth since they so easily decided to lie for clout on twitter.
Anita @_Eggovin has admitted that she lied.
Cynthia is in a difficult situation here and I understand, but she came out with a statement that has adversely affected my life negatively and has refused to take responsibility.
Till today I have no clue why this happened and the meeting did not give me any answers. Bleep closure though gives me justice. I’ll see you in court Cynthia @cynnerr


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