“Nigeria does not need 109 senators and 360 reps” – Rochas Okorocha Proposes One Senator Per State To Reduce Cost Of Governance

The senator representing Imo West Senatorial District at the National Assembly, ex-Governor Rochas Okorocha, has recommended one senator per state, instead of the current three from each state of the federation.

He said this will reduce the cost of governance in general.

Okorocha spoke during the Senate plenary on Thursday.

“We must begin to make a sacrifice and cut down our cost of governance by having just one Senatorial representative, instead of three (3) per state.

Here, we have three senators per state. In that National Assembly (House of Representatives) over there, we have 360 eligible human beings. This country must begin to make sacrifices and cut down the cost of governance.

I do not know what we are doing differently today in the 9th Senate from what we did in the 8th Senate and what we did in the 7th Senate, 6th Senate and so forth and so on.

And if what we are doing today is similar to what we did in the 8th Senate be rest assured the product will be the same.”

“We should fund the productive sector of our economy,” Okorocha had said.

The senator spoke in response to Senate President Ahmad Lawan’s concerns that Nigeria needs to have an economy that provides jobs and creates wealth.

“We must ensure that our procurement process is well monitored. There must be efficiency and prudence in the way we do procurement,” Lawan said.

“We need diversification in various sectors of our economy like the agricultural sector, solid minerals, and tourism.

“The mono-economy is not working for this country,” Lawal had said.

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