Woman Wrongly Diagnosed Of HIV And Took Antiretroviral For 2 Years Narrates Her Ordeal

A Lady identified as Ann Wambui has called out a hospital that wrongly diagnosed her with HIV during a routine checkup in 2017 and made her take antiretroviral drugs for 2 years.

Wambui recalled how depressed she was after being diagnosed with the virus she got tested for in the company of her husband, she revealed that she almost tried taking her life as it crushed her marriage.
Speaking to NTV, the Kenyan woman said ;

“I knew myself. I knew I was not sick. Every individual knows how they live so definitely I knew there was no way I was positive.”

“I remember there is a time I took rat poison, mixed it with water and tried to take it.”

However, upon running another test in 2019 and getting to know she is negative, Wambui, who took antiretroviral drugs for 2 years said she had to run the test 6 times to be sure.

She later confronted the hospital with the new test result and they argued they weren’t wrong in their initial diagnostics.

“They claimed my viral load was low and undetectable. Basically, they did not want to admit their mistake,” Ann said.

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