The arrival of Ivanka Trump at the ongoing 74th UNGA momentarily shifted attention from long speeches and contentious issues as the American First Daughter’s thin blue blouse got scrutinizing looks.

The 37-year-old mother of three probably offered more than she intended to, as the outline of her nipples could be seen through her blue shirt.


Twitter has since taken over the discussion, as people from all over the globe discuss the phenomenal appearance.

Ivanka, who is attending the global summit alongside her father, Donald Trump, wore a $2,130 floral skirt from Prada, which featured 3-D flower embellishments, including several stem-style tassels that fell below the hem of the white design.

She paired the pricey skirt with a form-fitting blue silk button-up that was tucked into the slim-fit design and added a pair of simple black pointed-toe heels.

And, well…the nipples. You can clearly see Ivanka’s nipples through her shirt. Of course, this isn’t the first time we have seen a Trump family member’s nipples. Back in July, we saw Melania wear a white dress in the rain that also showed off her nipples.




See some Twitter reactions:


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