“If I Was As An Ashawo I’II Own A Benz By Now” – Actress, Efia Odo Replies Critics

Actress Efia Odo has hit back at all those who call her ‘ashawo’, denying the accusation in no uncertain terms.
After a fan called her ‘ashawo’, Odo said if she was a prostitute she’d be driving a Benz by now, you know, as all wh*res do.

Odo had posted on twitter that the only way to succeed in Ghana is through the help of God or fraud, leading to a twitter user asking her if her ‘ashawo’ lifestyle isn’t another route to success?
Odo hit back, writing:

“Don’t disrespect me please, especially on my platform…Everyone knows I work at Kwese Tv and I take an Uber. If I had an ashawo life I would’ve had a Benz by now. But I’m working and saving. Respect,”


The actress turn tv host recently said she does not own a car because she’s saving to buy a private jet, a truly ludicrous proposition.


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