SEX TOURISM! How British Woman Travel All The Way To Gambia Every Summer For Sex

Sex tourism is a booming big business in Gambia and has lifted many young men from Gambia out of poverty.

And this is how it works:

Old retired but horny British woman travel all the way to Gambia every summer for sex.

The arrangement is purely transactional.
The old retired women who are in their sixties and seventies are getting treated like a Queen with loads of raw sex and orgasm.


Those women, in turn, pay for the sex by giving cash to the energetic young men who are mostly unemployed and broke.
According to a recent data, 80% of the foreign tourists that travel to Gambia every summer travel to go and have sex with these young men who are fit and very good in bed and this has contributed to the GDP and economic growth of the poor tiny West African Country.

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