Peter Psquare Celebrates His Wife’s Birthday As His Family Members Seem To Ignore Her

Peter Okoye of Psquare is a man in love against the desires of his family which is why he is celebrating his wife’s birthday today by himself, as his twin brother, Paul Okoye and elder brother Jude Okoye both turn a blind eye at his wife. She is essentially not considered a “part” of their family, as a matter of fact, she is being considered the reason why their family is so disintegrated. Peter Okoye is a very determined man in love, he is unperturbed by his family’s reckless behavior and he is doing what a real man does by keeping his own nuclear family united against all odds. May the good God bless their union. Peter’s message to his wife below:

I’m a rich MAN because I have a WIFE with a rich HEART. Happy birthday my love @lolaomotayo_okoye. Love you to the moon and back 1million times






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