VIDEO: BBNaija 2019, Frodd Won A Kiss From Esther After 59 Days Together In The House

After an on and off relationship in the last 59 days, Esther conscientiously kissed Frodd.

Frodd got a kiss from Esther after expressing his love for her for more than eight weeks in the BBNaija Pepper Dem house.
The opportunity came as housemates displayed their creative abilities to Biggie during the Darling hairstyle challenge, which was won by Venita and Sir Dee.

The kiss is coming three days after Esther was asked by Ebuka what changed in her relationship with Frodd and she replied saying, “I got to know him.” Again, she was asked if the feelings Frodd has for her is mutual and she replied in the affirmative.

Esther stressed that she only has mutual feelings for Frodd because they’re both in a confined space and this has left her no choice.

Meanwhile, Mercy and Diane, the other members of the Power Puff Girls, which Esther belongs to, have wondered why the sudden change in Esther’s attitude towards Frodd.

Discussing with Diane and Elozonam, Mercy said, “She’s acting just to be seen around him always.”

On her part, Diane revealed that she was shocked to see Esther move to Frodd quickly and has recently been hanging around him frequently.


Mercy who seemed unconvinced about Esther and Frodd’s relationship did not fail to express her doubts.

According to Mercy, Esther is only using her relationship with Frodd as a strategy. “Esther thinks that being in a relationship will get her more fans outside the House because she thinks the audience will appreciate couples more.

“Frodd is love, his type of love is too rare,” she said.

Mercy also revealed that she felt sad seeing Frodd get played by Esther and stylishly put it in words that Esther wasn’t deserving of Frodd’s pure love towards her.


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