“Yahoo Boy” Lost His Wife To a Victim Of His Online Scam In Ibadan

The hunter becomes hunted in this gripping tale of how an online fraudster (Yahoo Boy) lost his wife to an Australian target (maga).

According to a social media user simply identified as Omotunde (@funkemyfun) who shared the story on Twitter, the Ibadan-based man – using his wife and mother of two for bait – was gobsmacked when their Australian victim, a pilot, took her from him.

After sending a huge sum of money to the syndicate for over a year, the man decided to pay a visit to his online lover in Nigeria and that was how the story the swindler got swindled.

Narrating the story in a series of tweet via her Twitter handle @funkemyfun, the lady wrote:

“On this Yahoo-yahoo thing… A guy in Ibadan, together with his wife were partners in cyber-crime: Yahoo messenger romance. The guy does the scamming, scheming and shamming whilst the wife does the “speaking” part of the game. So they met this Australian Pilot(divorced).

“They exploited and extorted the unsuspecting old guy; the pilot fell in love with the yahoo babe, who already had 2 kids with her husband. Aussie Pilot paid heavily for more than a year and decided to fly Nigeria route just to meet the babe. The lady, her husband & friend visited.

“The Airline lodged the pilot in one of the biggest hotels in Lag while the pilot paid for the husband and friend’s room (they were introduced as the lady’s brothers). He gave them the trip of their lives bearing exquisite gifts and lots of hard currencies. The visit was for two days.

“Initially, dude was skeptical of his wife’s engagement with the pilot but thinking of what they’ve gotten, will get & keep getting, his greed pushed him far and he ignored. For the 2 days, he didn’t see his wife who was in the company of the Aussie while they were lounging.

“The yahoo babe developed affection for the Aussie man who was truly single and ready to marry her. They returned to Ib after the escapade and the lady changed the game. Firstly, she told the Aussie not to call the numbers he’s been calling likewise sending mail on the email ad.

“She took control of the communication process unknowingly to her husband who kept sending endless emails and frantic calls to no avail while the lady feigns ignorance and fake concern. She diverted the deal to herself. The Aussie guy processed her papers and she left her Naija family.

“On the day she will leave Nigeria, she told her husband she was going to buy wares in Lagos. It was when she got to Australia that her husband knew what’s up. The guy nearly died of cardiac arrest. He didn’t recover till date. Yahoo-yahoo is dangerous!!!”


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