Beautiful Actress, Princess Shyngle Cooking in Her Man’s House Wearing Only Swimsuit (Video)

Princess Shyngle has ‘gingered’ herself once again and when that happens you know it’s either she’s showing some flesh or there’s some sort of sexual imagery involved.

In a video the actress shared which confirms our theory above, the actress is seen in a swim suit holding a wooden spatula as she sings while cooking.

She captioned the video thus;

I think I’m the only person in the planet that cooks in her man house wearing a body suit and performing with a wooden spoon but hey I always ginger myself when I’m in the kitchen please click on the link on my bio and subscribe to my YouTube channel I have a a lot of great contents for you guys on my trip to New York .. check my ig story for details on how I cooked my Gambian style Super Kanja with rice

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