Ben Murray Bruce Says That All Vehicles Purchased For The Company Will Be Electric Vehicles

Ex-Senator and Chairman of Silverbird Group, Ben Murray-Bruce, Has Giving Directive That All Vehicles Purchased On Behalf Of The Company Will Be Electric Vehicles.

The common sense Ex-Senator, presented a bill on April 10 this year to phase out cars run on petrol in favour of electric cars by the year 2035.
It was thrown out during the first reading and never got the chance to make it to the second reading on the grounds that electric cars were impracticable for now and irrelevant.
Like the luddites in the days of yore, the members of the upper chamber of the National Assembly do not want to face the reality of the changing times. Oil the world over is fast becoming endangered specie. We are sitting on a keg of gun powder with our sole reliance on it as a revenue exchange earner. The demand for our oil is fast dropping – the United States recently cut its demand for it by 89%; India looked elsewhere for its oil needs. This should be a cause for grave concern by the policy makers, including the senators.

Oil will become a non issue 50 years from now – a stark reality that our senators in the red chambers have failed to acknowledge or are ‘praying hard’ to avoid. Many countries in OPEC are swiftly moving away from oil dependence in order to keep up with the changing times. Saudi Arabia, for instance, recently established a fund in collaboration with Mckinsey to roll out modalities for the shifting of their economy from its sole dependence on oil to other non oil sectors. Norway has embraced electric cars in their bid to move away from oil dependence.

Critics of Murray-Bruce’s bill contended that the erratic power supply would make nonsense of it. I beg to humbly disagree. The reality of the presence of electric cars will make the policy makers put on their thinking caps and hurriedly fix the ailing sector once and for all. Petrol stations will in future be replaced by electric charging spots which the government could tax and increase its revenue base.

Few months ago, Ben Murray-Bruce at the Silverbird Man of the Year Awards at Eko Hotel showed off his latest automobile acquisition, an electric Kia car. He said to drive the car, you don’t need fuel, just sunlight. The car can also travel for 8 hours once fully charged and can be charged with solar power.

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