Melania Trump MOCKED at July 4th Salute to America Independence Day parade

MELANIA TRUMP has been mocked for her appearance at the fourth of July Salute to America parade.

The First Lady dazzled in a white Caroline Herrera dress with striped detailing. But not everyone was a fan as people on Twitter compared her statement dress to a blank piece of lined paper. While one person went as far to suggest Melania’s dress is “Russian style”.

Twitter users took to social media share their disapproval.

One said: “I wasn’t going to watch Trump’s speech but I did notice Melania is wearing a Russian style skirt on her dress. The ribbon rings are a superstition to keep bad spirits away.”

While another added: “Does Melania think this is an Olympics event? Interesting dress.”

A third person said: “Flotus is wearing a dress that looks like a blanket from The Hudson’s Bay Company.”

But many thought the First Lady looked “beautiful” in her dress.

Others added the coloured stripes in the dress were a nod to LGBT Pride.

A Twitter user said: “Good to see Melania Trump wearing her pride dress today. We are reminded that some people are still fighting for liberty.”

Another added: “Melania – as beautiful as ever! Great dress!”

While Melania and her husband US President Donald Trump addressed supporters at the parade in Washington, protesters burned the American flag.

The group, Revolution Club, were keen to disrupt the Independence Day events.

Following scuffles outside the White House, three people were detained by the secret service.

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