Nigerians call for arrest of senator caught on video assaulting a woman

Nigerians expressed their anger on Twitter on Tuesday after a video showing a Nigerian senator assaulting a woman emerged online.

The lawmaker, representing the Adamawa north senatorial district, Elisha Abbo, was shown in the CCTV footage, published by news reporters slapping a nursing mother who was trying to appease him.

The assault, which reportedly occurred on May 11, 2019, in an adult sex toy shop, was done in the presence of an armed policeman, who rather than assist the victim, arrested her.

The senator has not responded to reporters’ enquiry on the matter.

When the lawmaker was contacted by Punch newspaper, he did not refute the allegation but assured that he will give a “robust response as soon as he put a team together.”

On Twitter, the lawmaker attracted attention under the hashtag, #SenatorElishaAbbo

These are some reactions by Nigerians:

@AmnestyNigeria Senator Elisha Abbo, in company of 3-women, in an adult shop in Abuja assaulted women wildly in the presence of police


This must be investigated. Victims of his violence must get justice. @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo @NGRSenate @femigbaja @UN @unwomenafrica #Nigeria


I’ve been saying we need to pay attention to who we let into the National Assembly. Now look: a sitting senator caught on camera assaulting a woman. These are our “leaders”.. our “lawmakers”. Shame on us. Elisha Abbo should face the full wrath of the law:

Shame on you Elisha Abbo, some senator representing adamawa north senatorial district.. Shame on you!! Putting hands on anyone is NOT acceptable.. Shame on you..


FULL TEXT: Utterly barbaric and shameful behaviour from Sen. Elisha Abbo,the youngest member of the Senate.This is unacceptable and something must be done about it.I call for his arrest and prosecution for assault and battery.I advise the younglady that was beaten to sue him!


The case of Senator Elisha Abbo is very straightforward: the Police MUST IMMEDIATELY take three steps: 1. Arrest him (no formal complaint is needed with the evidence on tape) 2. Obtain his statement (if he’s willing to make one) and that of the victim 3. Arraign him in court.


I just watched the video of Senator Elisha Abbo beating up a shop attendant. That Senator has the capacity for murder. He is a threat to humanity. His fellow senators must condemn that barbarian act, the ones that aren’t Barbarians themselves. He should be made to pay for that!


I’m so mad right now after watching this video clip of our representative assulting a woman.. People like Elisha Abbo do not deserve to handle public office.This is disgusting. He needs to be arrested and prosecuted ASAP. #ArrestElisaAbbo #ImpeachElishaAbbo #ElishaAbbostepdown


To think that it was Elisha Abbo that spoke on behalf of newly-elected young legislators at the induction for them that I was invited to as a speaker. As @ChiomaChuka said to me that night and also tonight, he does not represent the #NotTooYoungToRun movement. He doesn’t!

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