COZA Rape Scandal: Omoni Oboli’s reaction sets Twitter abuzz

Nollywood star, Omoni Oboli’s submission on the rape narrative by Busola, wife of popular musician, Timi Dakolo, has set Nigerian Twittersphere abuzz.

Busola had claimed that Biodun Fatoyinbo, senior pastor, Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) sexually abused her as a teenager during an interview with YNaija on Friday.

Omoni shared her thoughts on the issue on her Instagram handle on Tuesday. Playing the devil’s advocate, Omoni said Busola’s case had a lot of irreconcilable facts.

“There was some incoherency in some of the claims, not because I believe she lied about them, but in my opinion, was born out of the truthfulness of the real account,” the actress wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.

Critics said Omoni ”argued for the accused, trashed the argument just to prove that the accuser cannot be lying, and in the process, got many Nigerians on Twitter confused”.

The award-winning actress also said she was trying to get all the facts before taking sides in the rape scandal.

“What’s her motive for speaking out? Was it just to spite the pastor in question? Was it to destroy his reputation, or gain some financial advantage?

“Was it to build followership through the scandal that would surely come, not knowing that the pendulum could swing in either direction, for or against her? What exactly would spur a wife of a reputable and beloved entertainer, a mother, a business-woman, with a beautiful life, coveted by many, to come out to make this kind of accusation?,” Omoni’s post partly read.

Omoni’s stance has generated mixed reactions on Twitter.

While some users think she wrote the piece to show off her ‘impressive vocabulary’ without making a valid point, others highlighted the ‘comprehension issues’ of her critics.

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