Theresa May looks VERY unimpressed as she meets Putin at PM’s final ever G20

THERESA May looked very unimpressed as she met Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit, their first encounter since the Salisbury attacks.

The outgoing Prime Minister used her platform on the global stage with Vladimir Putin to give the country a chance to come in from the cold.

The Prime Minister urged Russia to choose a “different path” as she joined world leaders for her last G20 summit.

She called on Russia to change its behaviour as she joined leaders including Donald Trump and Angela Merkel in Osaka, Japan, for the summit.

She told Sky News: “Russia can go down a different path if it desists from this sort of activity.”

And she is expected to use face-to-face talks with Vladimir Putin to demand the Russian leader hand over the Novichok hitmen.

She will use their first major showdown since the nerve agent incident to raise the prospect of convicting the duo in the UK.

The 62-year-old said: “Let’s be clear about the poisoning that took place on the streets of Salisbury, on the streets of the UK. This was a despicable act, it was a reckless act.”

But Putin last night blasted “liberal values” as “obsolete”.

The president dismissed the Skripal scandal as a fuss that’s “not worth five pounds”.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump demanded his allies cough up more military cash before his crunch meetings with the Russian president.

The leaders traded brief remarks on Friday about issues they planned to discuss when a reporter shouted to Trump about warning Putin “not to meddle” in the 2020 election.

The president answered “Of course” before he turned to Putin and said, “Don’t meddle in the election.” He playfully repeated request while pointing at Putin, with the Russian leader smiling as it was translated for him.

President Trump first met with host Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as the summit kicked off on Friday – just days after he blasted the US-Japan security pact as unbalanced.


Theresa May revealed she was looking forward to returning to the backbenches after leaving No10 next month.

She said it had been a “huge privilege” to be Prime Minister but she was hoping to be able to devote more time to her work as MP for Maidenhead.

But until she leaves, she told Sky News her “mood is one of determination to carry on doing the job that I’m doing and to ensure that I get some very strong messages across to those I’m meeting”.

She refused to comment on the battle between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt in their battle to the top job – but said they would need to secure a Brexit agreement and “orderly departure” from the EU.

The new Tory leader will be announced on July 23and will take over as Prime Minister the following day.

And Angela Merkel was among the throng of world leaders to head to Japan for the summit, just after she sparked fears after she was seen shaking uncontrollably.

She gripped her trembling arms and pursed her lips at a ceremony in Berlin – nine days after footage of her shaking for a whole minute sparked health fears.

Aides blamed dehydration for her last bout of shakes and dismissed health worries – but the fresh video today is likely to renew speculation over her future as leader.

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