Kourtney Kardashian Disses ‘Entitled’ Kylie Jenner For Telling Off Mom Kris On ‘KUWTK’ 

In a new ‘KUWTK’ preview clip, Kourtney Kardashian chimed in on a heated spat between Kylie Jenner & mom Kris and admitted she thinks her younger sister is ‘entitled.’

Apparently, Kylie Jenner, 21, and Kris Jenner, 63, are unable to see eye-to-eye in the upcoming episode of KUWTK, and in the teaser clip for the show, Kourtney Kardashian, 40, wedged herself smack in the middle of the two ladies’ problems. “Lately, Kylie has been so territorial, I’m not sure what’s going on,” Kris can be heard venting on the phone to Kourtney in the video. She goes on to explain that Kylie got angry with her for taking her parking spot at Kylie Cosmetics. “She’s like, ‘don’t ever park in my parking spot again, it’s the one thing that means something to me’” the momager recalled when chatting with Kourtney. Well, Kourtney shared some feelings of her own on the matter. “She has this, like, entitlement. No one says anything because she’s Kylie Billionaire Jenner,” Kourtney remarked. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Kylie was seen venting to her big sis Khloe Kardashian, 34, in other parts in the preview. “Kris Jenner is just doing too much with my office,” Kylie said. “It’s Kylie Cosmetics. How is she gonna hide this when my office is done and you walk up and the door is glass, my logo?” Kylie angrily said when she found out her mom had been conducting secret tours. “She’s there in my parking spot! Like why are you in my parking spot?” she questioned. Khloe was actually incredibly supportive to her sister. “Listen bitch, there’s no fu**ing friends and loyalty in the game of being a billionaire,” she quipped.

Don’y worry though — Kris didn’t seem toobothered over the whole ordeal. “I deserve a little bit of respect,” Kris said, before then breezily saying “Well in that case, I’m going to go turn my massage chair back on.” You can watch the drama-filled preview clip for yourself, above!

Kourtney also recently got a rise out of her mother. In the June 9 episode, Kris was worried that Kourtney “can’t make up her mind” when it comes to how she feels about Scott Disick, 36. “She’s going to be the one deciding way too late that she’s in love with Scott and wants to spend the rest of her life with Scott,” the momager said. During the episode, Kim Kardashian, 38, was left stunned when she saw Scott’s Instagram post with both Kourtney and Sofia Richie, 20.

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