‘Aladdin,’ ‘John Wick 3,’ ‘Rocketman’ And ‘Detective Pikachu’ All Passed Major Box Office Milestones

In holdover news for the weekend, Walt Disney’s Aladdin earned another $24.5 million (-43%) in its third domestic weekend, bringing its 17-day cume to a whopping $232.385 million. Oh, and the Mena Massoud/Naomi Scott/Will Smith flick has now earned a whopping $604 million worldwide, more than tripling its $183 million budget and making a $750 million-plus global cume almost guaranteed. It earned $92 million worldwide this weekend, and it could be near $700 million as early as next Sunday.

At a glance, we could be looking at a final tally of (spitball math alert) over/under $285 million domestic and over/under $810 million worldwide. With numbers like that for Aladdin, and a surefire win coming in weeks with Toy Story 4, Disney couldn’t care less about whether Avengers: Endgame ($824.3 million domestic and $2.73 billion worldwide) passes Avatar’s $2.788 billion global total. But yes, Avengers: Endgame earned another $4.8 million (-40%) this weekend for a domestic cume just under the adjusted-for-inflation total ($402 million counting the reissues and $825 million adjusted) of Jurassic Park.

In less inspiring news, Warner Bros. and Legendary’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters earned $15.54 million (-68%) in its second weekend, bringing its ten-day domestic cume to $78.6 million. The $170 million-budgeted sequel has earned $293 million worldwide and isn’t holding any better than the famously frontloaded Godzilla ($200 million domestic from a $93 million launch) in 2014. At this rate, it could end its run with $105 million domestic and over/under $415 million worldwide. For a movie with another big-budget sequel already in production, well, that’s a conversation for another day.

Paramount’s Rocketman recovered a bit over the weekend, earning $14 million (-45.6%) in North America for a $50.5 million ten-day cume. The Elton John biopic has now earned a decent-enough $102 million worldwide on a $41 million budget. Dexter Fletcher’s R-rated musical melodrama is no breakout mega-smash, but it’s doing alright on its own relative terms. Just because Bohemian Rhapsody went gonzo-bananas doesn’t mean Rocketman has to. Same with Ma, which earned $7.82 million (-57%) for Blumhouse and Universal to give it a $32.77 million domestic and $40 million global cume. That’s just fine for Octavia Spencer’s $5 million chiller.

Keanu Reeves’ John Wick: Chapter 3 got some of its sea legs back, earning $7.4 million (-33%) despite losing 828 screens in its fourth weekend. That gives Lionsgate’s $75 million action sequel a $138.662 million domestic and $252 million global cume. That also means that the trilogy has now earned $512.6 million worldwide on a combined budget of around $145 million.

With a hold like this, an over/under $155 million domestic and over/under $280 million global finish is back on the table. I really hope John Wick 3 director Chad Stahelski and Hobbs and Shaw director David Leitch (who co-directed the first John Wick with Stahelski) are having a friendly wager this summer. Because even if the winner is (probably?) obvious, it may be a lot closer(at least in North America) than anyone imagined.

Warner Bros. and Legendary’s Pokémon: Detective Pikachu earned $2.98 million (-57%) in its fifth weekend for a $137.4 million cume. Come what may, it’ll pass The Meg ($145.4 million), Shazam! ($139 million) and Ready Player One ($138 million) in North America. The issue, at least in respect to expectations and hopes, is the $150 million budget and the soft performance in China ($90 million). Still, it’s now the third video game movie to pass $400 million worldwide. With $409 million and counting, it should crawl past Rampage ($428 million) and maybe (emphasis on “maybe”) Warcraft ($433 million) by the end.

Booksmart will earn $1.557 million (-53%) in its third weekend to bring its 17-day cume to $17.8 million domestic. This one never had a shot at legs that mattered, not in this frontloaded theatrical environment. So, if you’re wondering why Amazon platformed the Emma Thompson/Mindy Kaling comedy Late Night in four theaters this weekend, there you go. They wanted at least one weekend of good news (a $272,000 weekend and $69,000 per-theater-average) before the inevitable. Once again, vote with your wallet.

A Dog’s Journey jumped 22% in its fourth weekend for a $1.36 million weekend and a $21 million 24-day total. It was paired in drive-ins with Secret Life of Pets 2 which explains the boost. I would have paired the Illumination toon with Ma or Us purely for a sick giggle, but maybe that’s why I don’t work in distribution. Brightburn earned $560,000 (-77%) in weekend three for a meh $16.4 million 17-day cume. And, finally, The Hustle has earned $34.46 million domestic (thanks to United Artists Releasing) and $77 million worldwide (thanks to Universal) on a $21 million budget.

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