BBC BIAS :Viewers slam Beeb’s European election coverage after it ignores Brexit Party success to focus on Remainer Lib Dems and Greens…+EU Election Results.

VIEWERS of the BBC’s EU election coverage have slammed the corporation for ignoring the Brexit Party and focusing attention on the Lib Dems and Greens.

They also believed the BBC’s presenters emphasised the successes of the two smaller parties at the expense of the surge in support for Nigel Farage’s party which swept to victory with 32 per cent of the overall vote.

While The Brexit Party won the most votes by a sizeable margin, the Lib Dems came in second on 20 per cent, Labour third with 14 per cent and the Greens on 12 per cent.

The Conservatives suffered their worst performance in an election since the party was formed with just 9 per cent.

Former UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn said: “I know it’s early, but I must say BBC coverage is missing the obvious huge story – the Brexit Party has won these elections and won them big.”


One Twitter user named Dan wrote: “The BBC coverage is disgraceful, they are ignoring the success of The Brexit Party. Instead they are reporting on the growth in the smaller pro EU parties. This is clear institutional pro EU bias from the BBC.”

Another wrote on the social networking site: “Your biased Euro election coverage was appalling, Alastair Campbell lied about Iraq, and continues to lie and spin against democracy, aided and abetted by the ‘impartial’ BBC. You know where you can stick your licence! I’ll save my roubles and watch YouTube.”

TV watchdog Ofcom had previously issued a note to broadcasters before the election, reminding them to comply with the relevant guidelines on election coverage.

“Ofcom reminds all broadcasters of the rules for election-related programming. In particular, broadcasters should ensure that they comply with sections five (due impartiality) and six (elections and referendums) of the Code, as well as the prohibition on political advertising contained in section 321 of the Communications Act 2003 and reflected in Section 7 of the BCAP Code.”

The BBC was also blasted for not challenging Mr Campbell over his attack on the Brexit Party’s finances.

During an interview during the coverage Mr Campbell claimed the party had “roubles coming in” referring to the allegation it had links to Russian money, allowing it to pay for rallies, social media and advertising campaigns.


Duncan Aldred said on Twitter: “BBC coverage appears to be a platform for ACampbell to preach remain and spin that tonight is a result in favour of remain? Reality is that Brexit party has smashed all comers. Come on BBC. This is very poor and very bias journalism.”

Another wrote: “Alastair Campbell cannot be allowed to get away scot free with that smear.”

Mark Vipond said: “BBC News currently doing an outstanding job of not mentioning the Brexit Party in its coverage.

“They’ve just spent half an hour telling us how great the Lib Dems are doing in London.”

But some thought the BBC coverage had been too heavily biased towards a pro-Brexit stance.

EU elections – the results

East of England (7 MEPs)

Brexit Party 38%, Lib Dems 23%, Greens 13%, Tories 10%, Labour 9%, Change UK 4%, Ukip 3%

Brexit Party 3 MEPs, Lib Dems 2, Greens 1, Tories 1

East Midlands (5 MEPs)

Brexit Party 38%, Lib Dems 17%, Labour 14%, Tories 11%, Greens 11%, Ukip 5%, Change UK 4%

Brexit Party 3 MEPs, Lib Dems 1, Labour 1

London (8 MEPs)

Lib Dems 27%, Labour 24, Brexit Party 18%, Greens 12%, Tories 8%, Change UK 5%, Ukip 2%

Lib Dems 3 MEPs, Labour 2, Brexit Party 2, Greens 1

North East (3 MEPs)

Brexit Party 39%, Labour 19%, Lib Dems 17%, Greens 8%, Tories 7%, Ukip 6%, Change UK 4%

Brexit Party 2 MEPs, Labour 1

North West (8 MEPs)

Brexit Party 31%, Labour 22%, Lib Dems 17%, Greens 13%, Tories 8%, Ukip 4%, Change UK 3%

Brexit Party 3 MEPs, Labour 2, Lib Dems 2, Greens 1

South East (10 MEPs)

Brexit Party 36%, Lib Dems 26%, Greens 14%, Tories 10%, Labour 7%, Change UK 4%, Ukip 2%

Brexit Party 4 MEPs, Lib Dems 3, Greens 1, Tories 1, Labour 1

South West (6 MEPs)

Brexit Party 37%, Lib Dems 23%, Greens 18%, Tories 9%, Labour 7% Ukip 3%, Change UK 3%

Brexit Party 3, Lib Dems 2, Greens 1

West Midlands (7 MEPs)

Brexit Party 38%, Labour 17%, Lib Dems 16%, Greens 11%, Tories 10%, Ukip 5%, Change UK 3%

Brexit Party 3 MEPs, Labour 1, Lib Dems 1, Greens 1, Tories 1

Yorkshire & Humber (6 MEPs)

Brexit Party 37%, Labour 16%, Lib Dems 16%, Greens 13%, Tories 7%, Ukip 4%, Yorkshire Party 4%, Change UK 2%

Brexit Party 3 MEPs, Labour 1, Lib Dems 1, Greens 1

Wales (4 MEPs)

Brexit Party 33%, Plaid Cymru 20%, Labour 15%, Lib Dems 14%, Tories 7%, Greens 6%, Ukip 3%

Brexit Party 2 MEPs, Plaid Cymru 1, Labour 1

Scotland (6 MEPs)

[Official results declared 11am, but nearly all votes are already counted]

SNP 38%, Brexit Party 15%, Lib Dems 14%, Tories 12%, Scottish Labour 9%, Greens 8%

SNP 3 MEPs, Brexit Party 1, Lib Dems 1, Tories 1

Northern Ireland (3 MEPs)

Full results expected Tuesday afternoon

A Brexit Party spokesman told The Sun Online: “It’s clear if you look at the newspapers they have reported it as it was.

“The BBC is reporting it as they wish it to be.

“It’s becoming a laughing stock. When will the BBC accept the outcome of the vote?”

The Liberal Democrats said: “Delighted to have been allowed about five minutes of discussion over the BBC’s election night coverage, given we are only on course to be 2nd in terms of votes and seats with our best ever result in European Elections.”

A BBC spokesperson said: “The Brexit Party being the clear winner, with the Liberal Democrats coming second, was our lead story.

“The BBC’s EU election coverage provided accurate, impartial reporting and analysis.”

Ofcom said no figures on the number of complaints it has received were not yet available.

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