This year’s Easter celebrations will remain in the memory of the world for quite a long time if not forever. It will not be for happy memories however.

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First, there was the very unusual inferno at the medieval structure of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Although no lives were lost, it was a remarkable historical tragedy. This was in the holy week. Then Easter day breaks with the news of deadly suicide attacks on churches and some upscale hotels in Sri Lanka. Over two hundred people are reported to have been killed and hundreds reportedly injured in the multiple blasts. The dead include over thirty foreigners.

No group has taken responsibility so far. Given the fact that the attacks were planned and well-coordinated, analysts tend to point towards Al Queda and defeated ISIS fighters from Syria.

No one predicted that such a calamity would befall Sri Lanka. It seemed a most unlikely target for such a terror strike.

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While the rest of us rejoice and celebrate the resurrection, the lesson should not be lost on the world. It could have happened any other place. The dead could have been just any citizens of any country. For those who see terror as an easy means to power, the lesson is much more important; resist the temptation. Evil cannot give birth to anything good. Evil will only breed more evil. It has no capacity for good. We commiserate with the good people of Sri Lanka. We pray for the repose of the soul of the faithful departed.

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