Voting Advisory 4:


Following enquiries about the correct finger to use in thumbprint of ballot papers, C-GAP advises as follows:

As a result of the high number of political parties contesting the General Elections, the space for thumbprinting is reduced, despite an increase in the size of the Ballot paper. The space would not conveniently accommodate a standard thumbprint. There is the risk of the inked finger print impression spilling over into the space of other political parties, which could lead to void votes.

Voters are, therefore, advised to use the tip or top of the index finger to make their mark in the small space provided next to the political party of their Choice.

Voters, especially Females, who cannot use the tip or top of the index finger because of their long finger nail, should be careful to make their index finger imprint within the space.

Please ensure that, in all circumstances, your index finger imprint is made within the space provided for the political party you are voting for.

Office of the National Coordinator
Christians in Government and Politics

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