I think the embattled CJN is yet come to terms with reality; that he’s at today no longer the CJN ( whether rightly or wrongly caused) and has charges against him in court to defend. This is not the time for indecision. A lot is at stake. His personal reputation, the dignity of the office and the entire judiciary. All are being subjected to public scrutiny by virtue of this matter.

The CJN (as he was) must be seen taking deliberate steps towards resolving this matter, by commission not by omission; not by avoiding the court, else the matter lingers, and largely to his detriment.

It is the law that the decisions of a competent court is valid and must be obeyed no matter how defective it might seem, until it’s challenged and competently set aside on appeal. Fortunately or unfortunately – depending on the side one is sympathetic to, the court order by the CCT was upheld on appeal. Meaning that the CJN on suspension should submit himself for trial.

I think it is time for Mr Onnoghen to honourably throw in the towel and go through the furnace of trial to purge himself of the said charges or serve his penance. If he was ordered to be suspended from that exalted office like an ordinary primary school headboy, it wouldn’t be so difficult to have him further humiliated and arrested out of office. The case of Tafa Balogun (former I.G of police) readily comes to mind. It’s more honourable to freely submit oneself than to be forced to court like a hardened criminal.

Having fought up to the court of appeal so far to no avail, my candid advice to Mr Onnoghen is to take the hint….

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