Come 2nd March, 2019, Abians, like other states in the country will head for the polls to vote in a helmsman for the next four years. What will the choice be?

Incumbent governor, Victor Okezie  Ikpeazu is on the race. He seeks a second tenure to consolidate on the achievements of his administration.

Interestingly, most of the gladiators of 2015 are back with full force. These same people ensured that the Ikpeazu administration was distracted with countless law suits at all levels of hierarchy of our courts for a greater part of the current tenure. All pleas to let the man elected by Abians settle down and focus on the task of moving the state forward fell on deaf ears. At first, we were told that they loved Abia more than the rest of us. However, the war of attrition waged at the courts clearly betrayed this lie. They are at it again. A ferocious campaign aimed at deceiving Abians into believing that the Ikpeazu administration has shortchanged them. This is simply not true. It is either these guys are deliberately lying or they are totally disconnected from Abia State and Abians.  The incontrovertible truth is that the state has experienced unprecedented giant strides since the inception of the Ikpeazu administration.

There is only one reasonable choice for us. Let Ikpeazu have the opportunity of doing all he has set out to do for our state. We need to rise up to the occasion and take a stand for our future. Let us not allow ourselves to be seduced by politics of division. Together we are stronger.

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