OF COURSE, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW: Rejoinder By Mohammad Saleh


It’s a pity we’ve found ourselves in this mess. No doubt Nigeria calls for the rule of law and due process to be observed. Expectedly, the Senate, NBA and NJC were to meet. But which of these organs has the moral rectitude to rise up to the occasion? Which of them truly represent the aspirations and expectations of Nigerians with respect to their calling? Has the NBA ever spoken or stood in court for any abused young lawyer or a “non-bigwig”? Besides its President doesn’t represent the popular choice of Nigerian lawyers.

The Senate hasn’t fared better in public perception. It abandoned the 2018 appropriation bill and now the National Minimum Wage Bill and other pressing national issues for their recess. The NJC too hasn’t lived up to expectation at least not before the sting operation on judges’ apartments by the operatives of the DSS in 2017.

The point is, by their actions or inactions they’ve all stripped themselves of the needed goodwill and popular support of Nigerians. As such the outcome of their resolutions will not be as impactful as it ought to, that’s if it ever makes any.

The same suspicions and varied opinions that greeted the action of the executive awaits them too. Is this the first time our laws are being breached. The response to defend Mr Onnoghen is as swift as that of the suspension by the Executive. But, have we not witnessed the illegal removal of heads of court or senior public office holders before? What informs the docility of the NBA and others before and the activism now?

The NBA or the Senate should not be selective in their call for due process, or the defence of any citizen or national interest. We all must stand for what is right at all times, irrespective of the personality in the middle of the storm. It is unfortunate that neither the NBA ,NJC or Senate can save the situation- I’m afraid. Our past has caught up with us.

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