Make no mistakes about this, whereas I appreciate the call by Paul Usoro SAN for unity in the Eastern Bar, I have my worries as to certain issues around it. Firstly, it has now become clear that the last election of NBA is the worst in the history of NBA. Granted that an assumed winner has emerged, what does it speak for the process. If a brother steals from his brother and the thief says don’t complain and community says, never mind, after all he is your brother, where does that leave the family? Generations unborn will come into the world and see theft as good. It means that unwittingly, the family has institutionalized theft as a way of life and no other should complain when robbed by a family member. That community is heading to its doom and I am not aware of any family where theft is approved. On the other hand, if a members steals from another family member and the man stolen from and the family sanctions the thief and returns the stolen item, then that family is on the way to greatness. Generations unborn will inherit the good quality of living within the bounds of civility and moral rectitude. The east cannot bequeath a brazenly rigged election as its legacy to the NBA. That’s why on this note, I support the probe of the election to right any wrong done. As I said earlier, the way the EBF is going about it is not well advised. It makes Usoro SAN less an Easterner. Let the aggrieved candidates fight their battles and let whoever is displeased with the outcome of the election and with evidence join hands to sanitise the system. I rest my case.


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