Teacher Ernest Ojukwu’s Manifesto:


On several occasions, I have stated that it is not right to have expiration dates on our Stamps. Our stamp is the symbol of qualification and of an active practice and professional career. NBA 2016-2017 budget shows that income from Stamps was N159,000,000.00 and the expenditure was N154,000,000.00. The 2017-2018 budget proposed an income of N191,000,000.00 for the Stamps, and an expenditure of N181,000,000.00. The Bar gains little or nothing. We only empower printers. We shall no more impose fees for stamps. It shall be free, and it would be a Digital Stamp.Slide1

The Stamp project was not conceived as a means of financial profit for the Association. It has become a “Cocoa Farm” for Printers. With Technology in the Practice of Law, the printed Stamp shall be abolished and Digital Stamp introduced and used, FREE of any charge, and without an expiration date.”

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