You must remain who you are as long as you are doing the right thing.

Never compromise on principles.

Some people may hate you now but bet me, one day these same people will need someone like you and they will definitely come looking for you.

The above piece of advice was given to me in 1996, my final year in the university by my lecturer then.

That piece of advice has remained part of my guiding light in life and career. I have had this particular experience of being sought after by people who initially had disdain for my stand on issues of law and life generally.

I have found it invaluable especially in my career as a lawyer in active legal practice for a period spanning over  two decades.

That lecturer, his name is Ernest Ojukwu.


Today he is a professor of law and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

I believe he ranks amongst the most influential lawyers  of all time our country has ever been blessed with.

I trust this man.  

Anthony Ezenwoko

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