Office Violence:  A new and disturbing height in the matter of violence against women.

The highly disturbing news broke about the 22nd June, 2018 of a doctor named EMMANUEL OKOLO administering corporal punishment on a nurse, one DORCAS ADEYERA. This bit of news is very disturbing because it takes the matter of violence against women to a totally different level.

The problem appears to have emanated from what could ordinarily be termed a simple professional disagreement. The victim was said to have admitted a patient into the emergency unit of the hospital without the prior consent of the doctor.

This act was said to have infuriated the doctor who invited her into his office and ordered her to kneel down. The victim refused to comply with the directive as it was against the ethics of her profession, it was this refusal to kneel down that provoked the doctor into physically abusing her by raining slaps on her and flogging her repeatedly with his belt.

It is good that the matter has already been reported to the police. It is hoped that the matter will be quickly and thoroughly investigated for purposes of possible criminal prosecution. At the same time, the Nigerian Medical Association should immediately deal with the disciplinary issues arising from this unthinkable incident. The doctor, if found culpable should be shown the way out. An individual who can easily throw decency and caution to the winds at the least of provocations cannot be trusted with matters of life and death. This is the hallmark of the medical profession.


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  1. A bunch of narcissistic humans shouldn’t be caregivers, he let his ego, bloated I presume, get the better of him.

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