ISIS in Nigeria (2)

It is no longer news that the Islamic state is sneaking battle hardened extremists from Syria into Nigeria. There has been many reactions trailing this report by the UK Sun. ISIS is probably not new in Nigeria. The Islamic State is suspected to have been involved in terror in Nigeria since 2016 when a factional leader of the Boko Haram pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and took up the name ISIS West Africa.


This present development is scary in the sense that it threatens to worsen the already worrisome security situation in the country. It is good that the security agencies are reacting to the situation by working towards tighter border security and stricter screening at the airports. However, a question I believe should be uppermost in every lip is: why is Nigeria the preferred destination? Why are they confortable here? I believe digging out answers to these by our intelligence community will inform the best way to tackle this evil and nip it in the bud. The Boko Haram and so called herdsmen have done so much damage already. We cannot afford further carnage.


  1. Beyond the questions raised, I think African leaders must retrace their steps and commit to the promotion and development of the socioeconomic and political wellbeing of their people. A people whose future is guaranteed will prefer life to death. A society where dreams are realisable will not give in to evil in droves.

    ISIS only capitalises on the evils a society brought onto itself like Boko haram, Militancy and Herdsmen in Nigeria, Al-Shabab in Somalia and Mali, The Lord’s Resistance Army in Congo, etc. All as a result of a huge crack in the socioeconomic and political walls of our nations.

    The Intelligence Agencies must stop these looming carnage tactically and clinically by addressing the source of the problem rather than the symptoms.

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